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5 Surprising Ways Meditation Can Help You Lose Weight


Whether or not you believe in the power of meditation, there’s no denying that it can help you lose weight. Research has proven that meditation can lessen appetite, improve self-control, and even improve sleep quality, all of which are important factors in weight loss.

There are so many different kinds of meditation in the world, but they all have one thing in common: they all offer a way to connect with your body and mind as a means of finding  inner peace amongst other things.

The health benefits of meditation are profound. From lowering your blood pressure to improving your relationship with food, here are five surprising ways that meditation can help you lose weight.

These five surprising ways can help you lose weight:

  1. Meditation Curbs Impulsive Behavior

When you’re stressed out, there’s a tendency to engage in impulsive eating habits. This is because stress activates the reward part of your brain, which pushes you to eat more and more food. But meditation has been proven to lower the stress hormone cortisol by 24% and also lowers blood pressure levels. Good sleep is critical for controlling cravings and managing weight loss during weight loss diets.

People who practice meditation often describe it as keeping them “in the moment,” and this is because mindfulness leads to better impulse control, which is key to changing habits like eating junk food or smoking cigarettes. A study published in Frontiers of Psychology found that people who meditated regularly were less prone to impulsive behavior than those who didn’t meditate regularly.

  1. Meditation Can Improve Your Self-Control

One of the biggest obstacles many people face when trying to lose weight is their lack of self-control. Fortunately, meditation has been proven to boost self-control when it comes to dieting by improving your mental focus and emotional regulation. According to a study published in the Journal of Psychological Science in 2013. The researchers found that those who practiced mindfulness mediation for eight weeks showed significant improvement in their cognitive control, which is a key component of self control.

  1. Meditation Can Help You Sleep Better

A bad night’s sleep will make it hard for you to lose weight because it leads to hormonal imbalance that increases appetite and makes you store fat faster. To help you sleep better at night, try meditating for 20 minutes before bedtime. One study showed that this simple tactic helps you spend less time awake in bed

  1. Meditation can shift your hormones that give you better natural appetite control. 

Your ghrelin levels are responsible for signaling your brain when you’re hungry while cortisol levels tell your brain how much energy you have stored in your body. Meditation controls ghrelin and cortisol levels to curb hunger.

When you get stressed out, your cortisol levels go up as a direct response to the feeling of stress. This can make you feel hungry even if you’ve eaten recently. Meditation helps relieve stress by lowering these levels so that your appetite becomes more manageable.


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